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Fun Snacks

In an Australian initiative breaking new ground, Fruitcorp Fresh and Disney have together launched Disney Fun Snacks. Focused on the simple principle of kids having FUN - Disney Fun Snacks will engage with kids through the popular Disney characters in an effort to increase the consumption of fresh produce and assist in the battle against childhood obesity.

Disney Fun Snacks are a range of premium grade ‘kids’ sized’ and sliced fresh fruit and vegetables, packaged in easy-to-use clamshell tubs and handy-bags perfect for quick snacks and children’s lunches. All packs are themed with the latest Disney characters. From the likes of Nemo, Cars, or The Incredibles; to Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh and new Disney launches – kids will not only be excited by the creative imagery, but they will want to collect the free in-pack items such as stickers and other goodies featuring the latest and much-loved characters from Disney releases.

And the good news is, for the first time in Australia, the FUN is not limited to selected fruit or vegetables or one off promotions. Disney Fun Snacks will utilise the entire range of fresh produce available, and the FUN will continue year-round as new Disney Characters are introduced to seasonal packs coinciding with their release to big screen or DVD.

Imagine kids asking for fresh fruit and vegetables within the weekly shop...and then imagine kids eating the fresh fruit and vegetables with a smile on their faces as they interact and have FUN with characters such as Nemo or The Incredibles!

With Disney Fun Snacks, this dream is now a reality for parents across Australia.

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