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In Australia we?re sold as rough leaf or smooth leaf.
Rough leaf - We have a very rough, spiky surface and very sweet juice.
Smooth leaf - We are larger and juicier than rough leaf pineapples.


Cylindrical in shape has a tough diamond pattern skin and spine, cactus like leaves and a sweet, yellow, tangy fibre like flesh that is quite juicy with a characteristic fragrance.

Selection, Storage & Handling

Select fruit that is plump with fresh looking skin and leaves. We should have a sweet, pleasant aroma. Heavy for its size is generally a good indication of good juice content), with green fresh looking leaves and a distinctive sweet-tropical aroma. Pineapples do not develop their golden appearance over winter, so a green tinged pineapple can still be ripe and ready to eat.

Best stored in refrigerator use as soon as possible. Seal in plastic or keep in air-tight container if already cut.

Nutritional Value

Good source of vitamin C, high in fibre, fat free.

Growing Areas

QLD - Bundaberg, Maryborough, Nambour District, Rockhampton, Townsville District, Yeppoon
NSW - North Coast
NT - Darwin