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Fruitcorp Fresh Privacy Policy

The Fruitcorp Fresh web site is protected by copyright under the Australian Copyright Laws. Unauthorised use of any part or segment from this is strictly prohibited. The Fruitcorp Fresh web site contains links to other sites. Fruitcorp Fresh is not responsible for any content or privacy policies of all other web site owners and it is up to the users discretion to check with these policies regarding sites used. 

By supplying Fruitcorp Fresh with your email address Fruitcorp Fresh will only use it for the purpose outlined throughout this web site. Your email address will not be disclosed without your consent to any other third party. Your details will be collected and stored purely for relaying messages and information regarding the Fruitcorp Fresh web site and the Fruitcorp Fresh Kids Club site, purely for the return of information back to you of any future activities and competitions set herein the Fruitcorp Fresh website.

Fruitcorp Fresh takes all reasonable care and does not provide any warranty at any given time as to any part of the content and in particular this content should not be relied upon in any actual or contemplated manner without any specific enquiry or verification by Fruitcorp Fresh. Viewers of this site are always invited to enquire at the Fruitcorp Fresh info@fruitcorp.com email enquiry address at any time to verify information or content herein. No person may not enter this site to connect, change, create or link with any other website or to  download any copyright material from the Fruitcorp Fresh site.  In the case of the Fruitcorp Fresh web site we may record your visit, the pages accessed and the pages downloaded, the time and date you visited the site and your email address if you have subscribed with us for any part of the Fruitcorp Fresh information sites. We will not disclose any of this information to any other users or reveal any personal information other than for our own use.

Fruitcorp Fresh has created this privacy policy to demonstrate our firm commitment to all our users of this site.


 Fruitcorp Fresh is not liable for any misfortune that should befall to the user of this site. All users of this site are warned that entry and use of the site is at the users own risk and due care and diligence should be taken upon that use.

Please direct any further enquiries to info@fruitcorp.com