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Green Capsicum


Green: crunchy texture which stays fresh longer than other varieties
Red: sweeter but soften quicker than green
Yellow: mildest flavour
Orange: sweet and crisp
Black/Purple: purple outside and green inside. Turns green when cooked.


A glossy, smooth-skinned, and block like to look at, have thick walls that enclose a large hollow and segments which our seeds are attached to. Most commonly green or red but other colours, including golden yellow, black, brown, mauve and orange are available. Capsicums are closely related to the hot chillies, but are sweeter tasting and not at all hot to eat.

Nutritional Value

Good source of Vitamin C, low in salt and sugar and are fat free.

Selection, Storage & Handling

Choose capsicum with firm glossy skins, no spots or shrivel. Store in an airtight bag in refrigerator crisper.

Growing Areas

QLD / NSW / VIC / SA / WA / NT / TAS