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Iron bark: large with green-grey skin
Jarrahdale: large and round with grey-blue skin. The flesh should be firm and a deep yellow colour
Queensland Blue: deep blue-grey skin
Japanese: small to medium size, green skin and gold flecks with a very mild flavour
Butternut: shaped like a pear with a golden brown, hard skin. Its flesh is a deep orange colour
Smaller varieties of pumpkin are also available.


Available in many different shapes and sizes our skin is often smooth, glossy, with distinct, rounded ribs or segments however, can sometimes have rough skin. The flesh is a yellowish-orange colour and is moist with lots of flat seeds in the centre. Mostly round or oblong in shape and are related to squash, melon and cucumber.

Selection, Storage & Handling

Choose firm, bright well coloured pumpkins. Avoid pumpkins which are broken, cracked, have soft spots or excessive scarring to the skin.

Store in cling wrap in refrigerator crisper for cut pieces, or at room temperature for whole pumpkins.

Nutritional Values

Good source of Vitamin A and C, low in fat and sugar.

Growing Areas

QLD / NSW / VIC / SA / WA / NT