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Chives: mild onion flavour with slender, vivid green, hollow stems
Garlic Chives: similar to chives but with flat stems and a slight garlic flavour
Spring: small bulbs and long green stalks
Garlic: firm, plump, whitish head containing several cloves
Brown: most commonly available with strong flavour and crisp texture White: cleaner, more mild flavour than brown onions
Red (Spanish): sweeter than brown, often used to add colour
Salad: flat, white with a long stem. Sweeter than brown onion
Leeks: larger than spring onions, with a mild and creamy flavour when cooked


A bulb formed from the bases of our leaves. Inside our bulb the leaves are firmly pushed against each other and are protected by tough outer leaves. Long, green, hollow leaves extend from our bulb. We are roundish in shape and have papery skin.

Selection, Storage & Handling

Select firm, well-shaped with small necks and dry, papery skin. Avoid spongy or sprouting onions with uneven or patchy skin colouring. The smaller the onion the stronger the flavour.

Store onions in a cool dry, dark place for up to 2 months. Wrap cut pieces in plastic and store in refrigerator.

Nutritional Values

A good source of vitamin C, low in sugar and fat free.

Growing Areas

QLD / NSW / VIC / SA / WA / NT / TAS