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Button: white to pale tan colour and mild, earthy flavour
Flat: large mushroom with brown gills fully open. Intense flavour
Portabello: large size with rich flavour and meaty texture
Swiss Browns: same as button mushrooms but a more intense flavour
Oyster: shaped like an oyster shell and is pearly-white to beige. Very delicate flavour
Enoki: clumps of long, spaghetti like stems topped with tiny, snowy white caps with crunchy texture and mild fruity taste
Shitake: intense flavoured Chinese mushroom. Remove stalk.


Umbrella shaped with soft brown/pink gills under the cap. A fungi.

Selection, Storage & Handling:

Look for freshness, firmness and colour. Withered mushrooms are a sign of age. Store in a brown paper bag in refrigerator crisper (plastic makes mushrooms sweat).

Nutritional Values

Low in fat, contains fibre, folate and phosphorousand is a good source of niacin.

Growing Areas